Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Selected Methods of Haemostatis Evaluation

Martin Zavadil, Michaela Blahýnková, Miroslav Selčan, and Vladimír Rogalewicz

In: XV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing MEDICON 2019. Basel: Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020. p. 1085-1090. IFMBE Proceedings. vol. 76. ISSN 1680-0737. ISBN 978-3-030-31634-1.

Abstract. Viscoelastometric tests have a specific position in haemocoagulation
techniques. Representatives of these methods are thromboelastography (TEG),
and/or rotational thrombo-elastometry (ROTEM). These are fast bedside
(POCT) methods based on a measurement of viscoelastic whole blood properties
during the formation, stabilization and lysis of a blood clot. It was suggested
that these methods could replace standard laboratory tests used up to now. The
goal of this paper was to calculate and assess the cost-effectiveness in order to
compare the viscoelastometric tests represented by the ROTEM delta device and
standard laboratory tests (considered for a comparator) from the point of view of
a healthcare provider. For this purpose, the purchase, maintenance and operation
costs of both technologies were estimated, and the effects of both technologies
were assessed using multiple-criteria decision-making methods. As a result, the
use of viscoelastic tests proved to be the more cost-effective option.



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