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prof. Ing. Peter Kneppo, DrSc., dr.h.c.

Peter deals with HTA of medical devices since founding the CzechHTA team in 2009. Under his leadership, the IGA grant of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic Evaluation of medical devices (2010-14) and subsequently the Information System for tracking purchases of medical devices (2013-14) were handled. He also worked as an evaluator of the effectiveness and price of medical technology projects of oncology and trauma centers of OP IOP for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and Horizon 2020 projects for the European Commission. In his work as a leader of a team of experts at an expert institute, he is dedicated to the management of medical technology, the effectiveness of their purchase, the evaluation of benefits and the compliance of their operation with legal standards. With his PhD student Ilya Ivlev (ECRI USA, previously a member of the CzechHTA team), he published work in the field of multicriteria decision-making methods with great international acclaim.