Contact Information

Ing. Martina Holá

Martina is a student of the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at the FBMI CTU. She became a member of the CzechHTA team in 2022 after completing her Master's degree in Systems Integration of Processes in Healthcare. Her expertise lies in healthcare data analysis using administrative data, with a particular focus on the disease multiple sclerosis. Within the CzechHTA group, Martina leads a working group called Multiplex, which focuses on projects in the field of multiple sclerosis diseases. The group is involved in a number of projects, including work on quality indicators and their measurement based on administrative data. It is also working on identifying the prodromal phase of MS using administrative data and artificial intelligence (AI). Martha's PhD thesis entitled "Using administrative data for diagnosis and improving treatment of multiple sclerosis" aims to map the MS patient journey from early diagnosis to treatment based on available medical data. The faculty is also involved in teaching healthcare legislation and quality management in healthcare.