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Ing. Karla Mothejlová

Karla is a student of the doctoral program in biomedical engineering at FBMI CTU. She became a member of the CzechHTA team in 2023 while studying the master's degree program System Integration of Processes in Healthcare. As part of his dissertation topic, he deals with the anonymization of health data and the use of data for secondary purposes. Within the CzechHTA group, Karla leads a working group called Anonymous, which focuses precisely on the issue of anonymizing medical data. The group deals with setting up internal processes in the area of ​​receiving and providing data for research purposes at FBMI. It also issues anonymization procedures and recommendations and sets up functional processes to effectively anonymize data while preserving its informational value. Karla's dissertation entitled "Framework for practical and legal adoption and use of anonymised administrative data" aims to create functional anonymisation processes and infrastructure. Among the sub-goals of the work, within the framework of cooperation with UZIS, is the design of author's datasets, the so-called minimal adequacy of datasets. Karla also participates in the teaching of health technology assessment and economic analysis at the faculty.