Research activities

The research activities of our group include both academic topics with the aim of a broader knowledge of areas related to public health and its effective provision, as well as very specific projects focused on narrowly defined technologies, such as diagnostic devices. For example, our team builds comprehensive diagnostic-therapeutic models that allow us to study the economic and clinical outcomes of complex relationships and processes. A significant part of our research is created at the request of professional clinical workplaces and manufacturers of medical technologies. The goal of these projects is usually a rather isolated view of specific technologies.

Within HTA, we have been since 2021 focusing on methods of managed entry of medical technologies. Here we work with leading manufacturers of drugs and medical devices. The goal of our efforts is to help enforce these practices so that even very expensive technologies have a chance to enter the market, while at the same time, there is a fair risk sharing between payers and license holders.

A significant part of our research underway focuses on real clinical practice. Based on data from our own studies or administrative data of payers, we evaluate the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures and their economics.

Join Our Team

We are looking for talented individuals to work on interesting multidisciplinary projects in the form of master and doctor theses.