We are a team that was established at the Department of Biomedical Technology around the study program Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Services, and that strives for utilizing the synergy generated by specializing of a part of the department staff in medical technology from engineering point of view, and a part in health economy and management.

Areas of our interest:

  • Study of economic efficiency and clinical efficiency of medical devices and technologies with a major employment of medical technology under conditions of the Czech Republic, including assessment related to quality of life.
  • Issues of efficient purchase, distribution and operation of medical devices.
  • Creation of partial methodologies for HTA surveys localized for conditions of the Czech Republic.
  • Expert reports in the area of purchase and operation of medical devices.
  • Health care systems, their strengths and weaknesses, influence of individual actors on the health care system, health care resource allocation, health insurance systems.
  • Management of hospitals and clinics, implementation of novel methods in the health care organizations.