First Czech study of social costs of elder abuse and neglect – case study on Prague

Haunerová, B.; Barták, M.; Rogalewicz, V.; Kuchař, P.

Central European Conference in Finance and Economics (CEFE2017). Košice: Technická univerzita v Košiciach, Ekonomická fakulta, 2017. pp. 263-271. ISBN 978-80-553-2906-2


The main objective of the paper is to introduce a methodology for a quantification of social costs of elder abuse and neglect (EAN). Economic aspects of EAN have not been studied in the Czech Republic yet, and also abroad this is a quite unexplored area. Qualitative research methods are employed – the systematic review (worldwide), focus groups, and expert interviews. A modification of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) method is suggested for EAN social costs estimation; the modification allows to calculate the resulted losses. For the SROI calculation, EAN is divided into three groups: financial abuse, domestic abuse, and neglect of care for elderly. In the first group of financial abuse, the social loss was estimated to be CZK 5.8-7.7 million for Prague in 2016. The second group of domestic abuse was assigned the loss of CZK 0.9-1.9 million for Prague in 2015. The resulting loss was not determined for the third group, neglect of care for elderly, because the available data are so limited that they do not allow the calculation. According to the experts´ opinion, these costs should be considered for a minimum estimation of real costs, since the issue is rather hidden and the real extent is unknown.


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